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73. AL - AWWAL  -  Azzo waz zal

Meaning : The First. 

Anyone who desires of male children should say this Ism 40 times daily for 40 days. His need will be fulfilled – Insha Allah. And if any wayfarer (musafir) says it 1000 times on a firday, he will soon return to his people safe and sound - Insha Allah.

74. AL - AKHIR  -  Jalle jala lahoo

     Meaning : The Last. 

     Anyone wishing that :-


      (i)   The love for Allah becomes firmly established in his heart;


      (ii)  The love for anything or anyone besides Allah be driven out of his heart.


      (iii)  Compensation should be made for all his sins;


      (iv) He dies in the state of Iman , then he should say this Ism 1000 times daily.

75. AZ - ZAHIR  -  Jalle sha nahu

Meaning : The Obvious. 

The one who repeats this name of Allah 500 times daily after ishraaq, Allah will cause his sight and heart to be filled with light and noor.

76. AL - BATIN  -  Azzo waz zal

     Meaning : The Latent. 

     Anyone who says this Ism 33 times daily will soon begin to perceive the deeper secrets of Allah.  


     Moreover, a strong bond of love and affection will result between him and Allah. And anyone who


     continuously says " Huwal’ Awwalu wal’ Akhiru wazzaahiru wal - baatin :  Wa huwa Bi - Kulli


     Shay’in’ Qadeer " after offering 2 rakaat salaah, all his needs will be fulfilled – Insha Allah.


77. AL - WALI  -  Jalle jala lahoo

Meaning : One Who Exercise Responsibility Over All Thing. 

Anyone who recites this beautiful name of Allah repeatedly will be safe guarded from all unexpected calamities. If it is inscribed in a new earthen tumbler or jug, and the same tumbler then filled with water, and the water is then sprinkled in the house then such a house will be safe guarded against all calamities - Insha Allah. If one wishes to subdue another, one should say it 11 times.

78. AL – MUTA’ALI  -  Jalle sha nahu

     Meaning : Far Above The Attributes Of The Entire Creation. 

     The reciter of this name will soon find all his problem solves. The woman who recites it abundantly


     during her menstruation will soon find relief from ailments – Insha Allah. 

79. AL - BARR   -  Azzo waz zal

Meaning : The God. 

Anyone on the habit of taking intoxicants or committing adultery or indulging in any other evils should recite this Ism 7 times daily. He will soon receive guidance – Insha Allah. 

Excessive recital of this Ism is very effective in expelling form the heart the love for this world. 

Anyone who reads it 7 times and blows on his or her child soon after birth. Allah will grant the child protection from a calamities until puberty.

80. AT – TAWWAB -  Jalle jala lahoo

     Meaning : The Oft - Returning. 

     Anyone who is desirous that Allah guides him to seek sincere repentance should read his beautiful 

       name 360 times daily after saltud–doha (Chast).

      If this name is said 10 times in the presence of a tyrant, the reader will soon be freed from his


      oppression – Insha Allah. 

     81AL - MUNTAKIM -  Jalle sha nahu

Meaning : One Who Takes Retribution

     Anyone who is justified and desires to take revenge against his enemy, but hasn’t the power

     to do so should read this Ism continuously for 3 Fridays. Allah, himself will take revenge on his 

    behalf – Insha Allah.