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 The Angels of Allah

Q.1 What kinds of creatures are the Angels ?

Ans : Angels are spiritual creatures of Allah, ever obedient to His Will and Commands. They are neither males nor females; they have neither parents, nor wives, nor husbands, nor sons, nor daughters. They have no material bodies, but can assume any form they like.

Q.2 Do Angels eat and drink like human beings ?

Ans : Angels do not eat and drink like human beings; nor do they enjoy sleep.

Q.3 Can you name some of the most important Angels ?

Ans : Yes, the most important Angels of Allah are four in number, viz:

1) Jibreel

2) Mika’il

3) Israfeel

4) Izra’eel

Q.4 Are there any other Angels besides those enumerated ?

Ans : Yes, there many other Angels, some of whom mentioned in the Qur’an are known to us, but we have knowledge about the number, names and duties of others, which are known only to Allah.

Q.5 What do you know Angel Jibreel ?

Ans : Angel Jibreel was employed by Allah to convey His Messages to His Chosen Ones on earth, the Apostles and the Prophets, who appeared in all ages and all climes. It was the Angel Jibreel who communicated the revelations of Allah to  our Prophet Muhammad.

Q.5 Can you name some of the main qualities of Angels ?

Ans : Yes, the main qualities of Angels are purity, righteousness, truthfulness and obedience to the Will and Commands of Allah.

Q.6 Can Angels do anything on earth without the express permission of Allah ?

Ans : No, the Angels only act in obedience to the Commands of Allah; hence cannot do anything on earth without His order. 

Q.7 Do you worship Angels ?

Ans : No, I do not worship the Angels at all. I adore and pray Allah alone . Angels are the servants of Allah and they too worship Him. The Holy Qur’an explicitly says that we should neither worship anyone but Allah nor should we associate any partner with Him.