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The Books of Allah

 Q.1 What do you mean by belief in all the Books of Allah ?

Ans : By belief in all the Books of Allah I mean that Allah revealed Commandments and Codes of Religion to various Prophets at different stages of History for the guidance of mankind.

Q.2 Do you know the names of Codes of Religions or the Books of Allah ?

Ans : Yes, the Codes of Religion or the Books of Allah are four in number, viz :

1)      Taurat

2)      Zaboor

3)      Injeel

4)      The Holy Qur’an.

Q.3 What are the names of respective Prophets to whom these bookswere revealed ?

Ans : Taurat was revealed to Prophets Moosa (Moses), Zaboor to Prophets Dawood (David), Injeel to Prophets ‘Isa (Jesus), and the Holy Qur’an to Prophets Muhammad.

 Q.4 Do the Taurat, Zaboor, and Injeel exist in their original forms ?

Ans : No, they do not exist in their original forms. The present day editions are only interpretations by their respective followers of later ages.

Q.5 Which Code of Religion do you follow ?

Ans : I follow the last Code of Religion, the Holy Qur’an.

Q.6 What is Holy Quran ?

Ans : The Holy Quran is the Gospel of the Religion of Islam. The previous Commandments and the Codes of Religion are also incorporated in it. Its verses were inspired and revealed by Allah to Prophets Muhammad through Angel Jibreel, and they are still preserved intact in their original form in the Arabic language.

Q.7 Were the verses of Holy Quran revealed to Prophets Muhammad at one and the same time ?

Ans : No, the verses of the Holy Quran were not revealed to Prophets Muhammad at one and the same time. They were revealed to him either singly or in batches during the last month the last twenty-three years of his life, and written down at his dictation and arranged under direction during his life time.

Q.8 What does the Holy Quran teach you ?

Ans : The Holy Quran teaches me to worship Almighty Allah, Him and Him alone, to obey His orders contained therein, to follow the teaching and examples set by the Prophets Muhammad, to do good to others, especially to my parents and relations, and to be honest and truthful in all my actions and dealings; in short, it gives me a complete Code for the rightful guidance of my life.