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                  (The cardinals Articles of Faith in Islam)

Q.1 What do you mean by belief in the Oneness of Allah ?

Ans : By belief in the Oneness of Allah, I mean that Allah is one and that there is none like Him; He has no partner; He neither begets nor is He begotten; He is indivisible in person; He is eternal;

He is infinite; He has neither beginning nor end; He is All–Mighty, the All Knowing, the All–Just, the Cherisher of all worlds, the Patron, the Guide, the Helper, the Merciful, the Compassionate, etc.

Q.2 Where is Allah ?

Ans : Allah is everywhere.

Q.3 Does Allah know all the actions you do on earth ?

Ans : Certainly, Allah knows all the actions you do on earth, both good or bad. He even knows my secret thoughts.

Q.4 What has Allah done for you ?

Ans : Allah has created me all the worlds. He loves and cherishes me. He will reward me in Heaven for all my good actions and punish me in Hell for all my evil deeds.

Q.5 How can you win the love of Allah ?

Ans : I can win the love of Allah by complete submission to His Will and obedience to His Commands.

Q.6 How can you know the Will and Commands of Allah ?

Ans : I can know the Will and Commands of Allah from the Holy Qur’an and from the Traditions of our Prophets Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah he upon him).

Q.7 What is Iman (Faith ) ?

Ans : Iman means “ to believe in ” i.e. to have a firm and sincere belief in the cardinals Articles of Faith.

Q.8 What is Islam ?

Ans : Islam means “ Complete Submission ” , i.e. submitting to the orders of Allah and acting in accordance with His Commands.

Note : One who professes Iman is called Mu’min (the Faithful), and one who observes all the principles of Islam is called a Muslim.