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For second guide we have the men

Of larger mind and wider ken,

Who could from God a message get,

His Law before the people set.

We call the Prophets, know you well,

Coming events they could foretell.

No nation was without such guide,

To warn them and from sins to chide.

Each Prophet taught in his own sphere,

To worship God and Him to fear.

But thousands of such Prophets came,

Of whom we know not the name,

Of some well known I mention make,

The Lord God bless us for their sake!

Job, Jacob, Joseph, Abraham,

Elias, David, Solomon,

Lot, Moses, Aaron, Ishmael,

Hud, Noah, Jesus, Daniel;

With Adam first and Muhammad last,

Between the two all others pass.

Their minds were brighter than our own,

But otherwise all flesh and bone;

God did not in them incorporate.

They were but men and separate.