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Chapter II

       Prayer (As-Salatu)

Q.1 What is the second Principle of Islam ?

Ans : The second principle of Islam is to offer the Obligatory Prayers five times a day.

Q.2 What do you understand by prayer ?

Ans : Prayer is the act of worshipping Allah according to the teaching of the Holy Prophet.

Q.3 What are the essential requisites for offering Prayer ?

Ans : The essential requisites for offering Prayer are :-

     1) The worshipper must be a Muslim.

     2) The worshipper’s clothes and body must be free from all Impurities.

     3) The Place where the prayer is to be offered should be pure and clean.

     4) The part of the body between the navel and knees of a male worshipper must be fully covered, and the whole body excepting the hands and face of a female worshiper.

     5) The worshipper must face the Ka’ba in the Great Mosque at Mecca and the direction of Ka’ba outside Mecca.

     6) The worshipper must form the Niyyat (i.e) intention in his or her mind of the particular Prayer, Fard (obligatory) or Sunnat of Nafl (Optional), he or she is about to offer.

    7) The worshipper must observer the times and rules prescribed for the respective Prayers.

    8) The worshipper must have performed the Wudu. (i.e ablution)

    9) The worshipper must have performed Ghusl (i.e the washing of the whole body), if he or she was in a state of grave impurity.

Note : In order to keep the body clean from dirt and all minor impurities and to be ever ready for prayer, a Muslim must wash the private parts of his or her body with water whenever any impure matter issues from the body.