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82. AL - AFUW  -  Azzo waz zal

Meaning : One Who Pardons. 

Allah will forgive the one who recites this name of Allah abundantly.

83. AR - RAUF  -  Jalle jala lahoo

Meaning : The Kind. 

One who desires that the entire creation becomes affectionate towards him and vice versa should recite this name repeatedly. Anyone who desires that his anger be subdue, should recite first salawaat (i.e Durood) 10 times, then this name of Allah 10 times. Alternatively, if someone recites it as given above, and blows on an angry man, his anger will soon be subdued – Insha Allah.

84. MALIK – UL MULK  -  Jalle sha nahu

     Meaning : Possessor Of Sovereignty. 

     The constant reader of Ya - Malik - Ul - Mulk will be granted wealth, self-sufficiency and


     independence – Insha Allah.

85. DHUL – JALAL WAL IKRAM -  Azzo waz zal

     Meaning : Majestic And Benevolent. 

     The constant reciter of this Ism will be granted honour, dignity and self-sufficiency. Insha – Allah

86. AL - MUQSIT   -  Jalle jala lahoo

Meaning : The Just. 

One  who recites his Ism daily with constancy, Allah will protect him form evil doubts created by the shaytaan (evil). If it is read 700 times for a purpose, it will be acquired – Insha Allah.

87. AL – JAME  -  Jalle sha nahu

     Meaning : The Assembler. 

     If anyone’s family or relatives are scattered, he should bath at the time of doha (Cahst) and lifting 


     the gaze towards the heaven say this Ism 10 times. But this should be enumerated with the fingers


     in such a way that with each reading, one finger thereafter the hands should be passed across the


     face (as when completing dua). By doing so the dispersed members of his family will soon come


     together - Insha Allah.

88. AL - GHANI  -  Azzo waz zal

Meaning : Free From Need. 

If anyone says this Ism 70 times daily, Allah will grant him barakah (abudance) in his wealth and self-sufficiency – Insha Allah. 

Anyone involved in any physical or spiritual sickness or any difficulty at all, should say this beautiful name abundantly and then blow on his entire body. He will soon be relieved of his difficulty – if Allah will. 

89. AL - MUGHANI  -  Jalle jala lahoo

Meaning : Supplier Of Needs To Others. 

Anyone who reads the salawaat (Durood) 11 times before and 11 times after saying this name 1111 times, he will be granted both material as well as spiritual wealth - If Allah wills. This should be done either after fajr or esha salaat. But the surah muzammil should also be recited with it.

      90. AL - MANI  -  Jalle sha nahu

     Meaning : The Hinderer 

     If one has any dispute with one’s spouse one should recite this name 20 times while lying down on


    the bed ; If Allah wills , the dispute will be settled and instead, love and affection will result. The

     constant reciter of this will be safeguarded against all calamities – Insha Allah.