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Allah Names

Bismillah hir rahma nir rahim

" Wal lahi asmaa-ul-husna fad-ou-hu-biha "

And to Allah belongs all the best name, so call by them.

99 Beautiful names of ALLAH

Q.1 How to recite the Asmaa - ul -  Husna ?
1. When wishing to recite all the beautiful names of Allaho ta’ala begin by saying:
2. " Huwal la hul lazi la ilaha illa hu war rahmanur rahim " and continue till the end. But the last letter of each word should be recited with the vowel Dhamma (Pesh) and joined to the next word. But when pausing to take breath the last letter should be recited with Saakin (Jazam) and the following word should be started with AL.
3. When adopting a particular name as wazeefah (which one intends to recite daily) add YA before the name and eliminate the AL. For example AR - RAHMAN will be said as YA AR - RAHMAN and not YA RAHMAN
4. A learned Aalim should be consulted when one experiences any difficulty.

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