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91. AL - DARR  -  Azzo waz zal

     Meaning : One Who Can Cause Loss. 

     Anyone who says this names 100 times on the eve of Jumu’ah, will be safeguarded against all 


     physical and spiritual calamities. This will also draw him near to Allah – if Allah so wishes.

92. AN - NAFI  -  Jalle jala lahoo

Meaning : One Who Confers Benefits. 

Any one embarking a ship or boarding any conveyance should read this beautiful name of Allah abundantly: he will be safeguarded against all hazards – if Allah wills. If read 41 times before a task , it will be accomplished efficiently – Insha Allah. If said prior to intercourse Allah will grant him good pious children – Insha Allah.

93.  AN - NUR  -  Jalle sha nahu

     Meaning : The Light. 

     Any person who says this Ism 1001 times after reciting the surah noor, his heart will become


     illuminated with the noor and light of Allah – Insha Allah

94. AL - HADI  -  Azzo waz zal

Meaning : One Who Gives Guidance. 

Anyone who lifts both hands (as in dua) whilst lifting the gaze towards the heaven, and recites this name several times and then passes both hands on his face (as when completing dua). Allah will grant him complete guidance and associate him with the devout and pious - if Allah wills.

95. AL - BADI -  Jalle jala lahoo

     Meaning : The Deviser.

     If a person in grief or sorrow should recite 1000 times, Allah will soon grant him relief from his


     misery likewise if someone is involved in difficulties or is perturbed … if a particular venture is to be


     undertaken, but one is not certain as to its feasibility then one should say this Ism before falling


     asleep: one will receive guidance in ones sleep by way of a dream. Anyone wishing for a particular


     task to be accomplished should say this Ism 200 times before the passing of 12 days his task will


     be accomplished - Insha Allah, This amal is a proven one.

96. AL - BAQI  -  Jalle sha nahu

Meaning : The Eternal.

Allah will grant protection and accept all the virtuous deeds of one who says this beautiful name of Allah 1000 times on the night of jumu’ah.

97. AL -  WARITH  -  Azzo waz zal

     Meaning : The Supporter Of All Or One Who Remains Alive Even After Everyone Or Everything Dies.

     If this name is repeated 100 times at sunrise, protection will be given against all sorrows, grief,   

     hardship and calamities , Moreover the reader will die as a Mo’min – Insha Allah.

     Anyone who desires to be safeguarded against perplexities, perturbations and disturbances should 



     repeat this name 1000 times between magrib and Isha.

98. AR – RASHID -  Jalle jala lahoo

Meaning : One Who Guides Along The Path Of Virtue Or One Who Loves Virtue And Piety.

Anyone who does not have the know about a particular task or is unable to work out plans for a certain task should say this name 1000 times between maghrib and esha. The plan and scheme will soon become evident for him either the way of a dream or by instinct.

For financial progress and safety against all mishaps, one should read daily. 

99. AS - SABUR  -  Jalle sha nahu

Meaning : Most Forebearing. 

Anyone who repeats this name 100 times before sunrise will be safeguarded against all calamities for the remainder of the day. Moreover, Allah will cause his enemies not to utter a single word against him.

Any person in difficulty should repeat this Ism 1020 times: he will soon find relief and be granted peace and contentment of heart – Insha Allah.