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37. AL - ALI  -  Azzo waz zal

Meaning : Most High. 

Anyone who reads this Ism daily and constantly, and keeps with him a written copy of it, will be exalted, granted affluence, and all his desires will be fulfilled – Insha Allah.

38. AL - KABIR  -  Jalle jala lahoo 

     Meaning : Most Great or Infinite. 

     If anyone who is dismissed from his post, fasts for seven days and each day repeats Ya  -  Kabir


     1,000 times, will be re-instated to his post and moreover granted with honour and dignity – Insha 



39. AL - HAFIZ - Jalle sha nahu

Meaning : The Protector. 

The one who recites this name of Allah constantly and keeps with him a written copy of the Ism, will be protected from all hazards, losses and harmful things – Insha Allah.

40. AL  - MUQIT  -  Azzo waz zal

     Meaning : The Giver Of Sustenance And Strength.

     Anyone who blows in any empty bowl after repeating this Ism 7 times, and then drinks water from


     it himself or allows someone else to drink from it or to take a deep breath from such a bowl then


     all their desires will soon be fulfilled – Insha Allah.

41. AL - HASIB - Jalle jala lahoo

Meaning : The Reckoner Or One Who Suffices For Everyone And Everything. 

When in fear of any human being anything, repeat Ya - Hasbi –Allah Al Haseeb 70 times in the morning and 70 times at night for eight days starting form Thursday, Insha Allah protection will be granted against the evil of such a person or thing.

42. AL - JALIL  -  Jalle sha nahu

     Meaning : Glorious One With An Exalted Position. 

     Anyone who keep with him (as ta’weez) on anything (paper, cloth etc) on which is inscribed


     with saffron or musk, Allah will give him honour, greatness, rank and dignity -  Insha Allah.

43. AL - KARIM  -  Azzo waz zal

Meaning : Benevolent.

Anyone wishing  to be revered and honoured by the ulama and pious people should continue saying until he falls a sleep.

44. AR - RAQIB  -  Jalle jala lahoo

    Meaning : The Caretaker. 

    Anyone who desires that his family and wealth be protected from destruction and calamities should


    repeat this Ism each day 7 times and blow on them. He should also continue reading at all times so


    as to remain safeguarded at all times.

45. AL - MUJIB  -  Jalle sha nahu

Meaning : The Answerer Of Dua’as. 

The constant reciter of Ya - mujib will soon perceive that all his dua’as are being granted.