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46. AL - WASI -  Azzo waz zal

     Meaning : The Lenient. 

     Anyone desiring spiritual and material self-sufficiency and independence should repeat over and



47. AL - HAKIM - Jalle jala lahoo

Meaning : The Wise. 

Anyone who repeats Ya Hakim constantly, Allah will open for him the doors of knowledge and wisdom. Anyone whose particular tasks does not seem to be accomplished should repeat this beautiful name of Allah frequently and constantly soon will his tasks be accomplished Insha Allah.

48. AL - WADUD  -  Jalle sha nahu

Meaning : Most Loving. 

     Anyone who repeats this Ism 1000 times and blows on food, and such food is consumed by him


     and his wife together, their differences and disputes will soon be settled and a strong bond of


     love and affection will result between the spouses - Insha Allah.

49. AL - MAJID  -  Azzo waz zal

Meaning : Most Venerable. 

     Any one who has contracted with fatal disease such as Pox, leprosy etc. should fast on  13th,14thand 15th of the lunar month and after breaking fast repeat this Ism profusely and blow in water and drink such water he will soon cured Insha Allah.

50. AL - BAITH  -  Jalle jala lahoo

     Meaning : The Re-surrector Of The Dead. 

     Anyone who, at bedtime, places his hand on his bosom and says this name 101 times, his heart


     will become alive with knowledge and wisdom Insha Allah.

51. AS - SHAHID - Jalle sha nahu

Meaning : Omnipresent. 

Anyone who wished that his disobedient wife or children become obedient, should while placing his hand on their foreheads, repeat this Ism 21 times and blow on them soon they will become obedient - Insha Allah.

52. AL - HAQQ -  Azzo waz zal

Meaning : The Truth. 

     Anyone whose family member is missing or has absconded or anyone whose belongings are stolen


     should inscribe Al - Haq on all 4 corners of a square paper and at the time of sehri place such


     paper on his palms and lift it toward the heavens and make dua. soon will the missing person


     return or the stolen goods be recovered free from any harm or damage Insha Allah.

53. AL - WAKIL  -  Jalle jala lahoo

Meaning : The Provident. 

Anyone fearing any calamity caused by an act of God should say Ya - Wakilo repeatedly. He will be protected from all calamities - Insha Allah.

54. AL - QAWI -  Jalle sha nahu

     Meaning : Almighty. 

     Anyone genuinely oppressed or victimized should read this Ism profusely with view to


     counteracting the oppressor. Allah will render him protection Insha Allah. (This should never


      be done if circumstances do not warrant).